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Judy Garfinkel and Jillian Hollis
Photo credit: Donald Lee "ON DISPLAY" Choreography: Heidi Latsky.


Dance improvisation is a complete and full world of exploration of the body and your creativity through movement and dance.

It allows you to go into and explore your body experience to express yourself in the language of the body and to find new ways to relate to other people, your inner states, wishes, and knowledge, and the space around you.


At its most meaningful (and satisfying), it is a subtle art, a meditation, a joy, and a beautiful way to explore your authentic self and share it with other people. 

As children we automatically improvised as our way to learn about the world and as adults, it is the playful, sensitive, and open to possibilities approach that improvisation develops which frees us to find our way in our world, now. 


Anyone who wants to find their dancer within!

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