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In a word—divine!

Judy, truly today was fluid, reckless… destabilized — in a word DIVINE! Your class has enriched my life and opened new doors for the future.

Sharon Murphy

What a delicious feeling!

A great discovery, Judy’s improv class.  What a delicious feeling to wake up my body - my scalp, face, neck, limbs, torso…or the same body-path with brushing, flicks of the hand….or taps.  Then with her imaginative prompts and an amazing collection of music, I lose my inhibitions and just begin to move. Every class yields new discoveries, and provides experimentation. 

Barbara Kline

An incredible hour of self-discovery!

Thank you for another beautiful class.  I found myself really exploring and playing with redefining the boundaries in which I feel safe to move/ play/explore.  Also having the awareness that different parts of me have felt so alone and separate and starting to bring them together in the container that is me.  There were moments of grief and mourning as well as laughter and joy.  I also found myself hugging myself quite a bit.  Overall, what an incredible hour of healing and self-discovery. Thank you for guiding us in this space and allowing me to be a part of it. 


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